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Housing board, Tausar Road, Nagaur

Chairman's Message

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the world of Evergreen Defence Academy, where our mission is to provide you with the best of infrastructure and academic platform, so you will excel not only in academics but also in various other facets of life which are required to bloom, in today’s competitive world. We have left no stone unturned to see that you are provided, largest playgrounds, best recreation facilities, residential facilities and above all top notch faculty to give you competitive edge over other competitor.

We cultivate honing of aptitudes and improvement of learning base in our understudies through different additional curricular, co-curricular and curricular exercises through personnel who not just keep themselves at standard with the present advancements additionally add to the extension of the group of information in their field of ability. To encourage this we have Centers of Excellence to instill inside and to improve space particular Research and Training among individuals from personnel and Entrepreneurship among understudies. With extremely harmonious and proficient environment our staff makes significant commitment to the educated community through quality instructing, productions, workshops, gatherings, and so forth. The workforce commitment has gotten acknowledgment by method for different joint efforts we have with our accomplice, and the amazing goodwill we appreciate with the corporate world who liberally add to our different scholastic procedures. In this way, as an understudy you surely are required to have an improving and life turning background that ought to impel you to exploit the new open doors in life.

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